Just Makes Scents Wax melts

$ 4.00

Made from the same soy wax as my candles, these wax melts are dye-free because it just makes scents!  Scent descriptions are listed below.  See the pulldown menu for available scents.


Aegean Summer: Ozone and citrus combine with honeydew, violet, and oak moss to take you on a trip to a sunny beach.

Apples and Maple Bourbon: It's an alcoholic Apple Brown Betty!  This scent starts with top notes of apple, cinnamon, and a hint of orange. Bourbon and butter are the heart of this fragrance, while rich, sweet maple and vanilla finish it off.

Arabian Spice : Reminiscent of a market in the near east, the notes of this scent include myrrh, orange, ginger, cinnamon, clove, caraway seed, and vanilla

Black Sea: Like its namesake, this scent bridges worlds. The salty sweetness of the ocean combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla.

Caribbean Teakwood: As layered as the smells of the Caribbean teak itself, this scent has spicy top notes of ginger, peppercorn, and spice. The middle notes of tobacco leaf and aged teakwood blend into the woody, deep base of sandalwood, amber, and dark musk.

Cinnamon Chai: Calling all Chai tea fans!  Top notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and orange peel awaken the heart of rich cream and spicy peppercorn, while notes of rejuvenating black tea and sweet vanilla round out the base.

Cool Citrus and Basil: Lemon and other citrus fruits combine with basil, cucumber, and geranium to provide a refreshing summery scent.

Driftin' Away: A woody, earthy mix of sandalwood and vanilla, notes of sea salt, cedar wood, and musk complete the scent.

Lavender: The lovely scent of lavender is bracketed by lemon and cedar to transport you to a lavender field.

Lilac: A northern springtime favorite, this scent is true to its name.

Lingonberry Spice: When you grow up, like I did,  in a place with Scandinavian origins, you know and love lingonberry.  If you didn't, you're in for a treat. This scent is a comforting one, with notes of apple, frozen berry, lemon, balsam fir, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, mountain air, and musk.

Love Spell: Fruity and floral combine in this heady scent.  Apple, peach, and grapefruit give way to cherry blossom and hydrangea.  A little vanilla rounds out the mix.

Mimosas and Mandarins: Brunch, anyone? The top sparkles with bubbly mimosa, mandarin orange, and tangerine. The heart combines pineapple and soft jasmine.

Pumpkin Chai: My favorite pumpkin scent.  Fragrant top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange peel intermingle with the clove and black tea. Baked pumpkin makes up the heart of the fragrance, while vanilla and graham cracker base notes add a creamy, toasty character.

Southern Springtime:  The notes of honeysuckle and jasmine transport you to the front porch of many a home in the southern US.

Tahitian Tranquility: Sea salt and ozone mix with jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean to take you to your favorite tropical beach getaway.

Toasted Pumpkin Spice: A sophisticated pumpkin spice scent, whose toasty top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove give way to middle accords of silky buttercream and pumpkin. A base of smoked embers and vanilla rounds out this autumnal scent.

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